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High beam
Our high beam bulbs are direct swap for your factory bulbs and fit perfectly in projector or reflector based lamps.  All bulbs are sold in pairs.

Optimized to match factory HID low beams as well as our family of xenonmatch fog light bulbs.

Images on the right show factory 9005 high beam vs. Höen xenonmatch plus high beam.  W5W 3850K city light and H11 xenonmatch titanium low beams also were installed for comparison.

Please note we have halted orders until we can catch up with the backlog.

Xenonmatch Titanium $49 per pair
Features sharp 4,300k white light output.

H7 12V 70w
out of stock

H11 12v 70w
out of stock

Xenonmatch Plus
$37 per pair
Features clean 4000k white light output.

9006 12V 80w

H9 12v 65w
out of stock

9005 12v 60w
out of stock ETA 8/31


Factory 9005 high beam on Prius Plug-in


Höen 9005 xenonmatch plus installed


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